White Spots and Lines

All too often we notice that there are white lines and spots on our teeth. There are many causes of these white spots and lines. Flourosis, decay, braces, and microscopic contaminants. 

New Technology allows for these imperfections to be removed without anesthesia or drilling. 


Here we can see a case by Dr. Campeas. These photos were taken half an hour apart. There was no anesthesia, no drilling, and no discomfort of any kind. The white discolorations are now invisible, with long lasting results. 


Any number of discolorations can be treated the same way.

See Below for just a few conditions we treat painlessly and drill free. 

Here are some of the amazing results achievable with Icon

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ICON A2.jpeg
ICON C1.jpeg
ICON C2.jpeg
ICON B2.jpeg
ICON B1.jpeg