Care for the Entire Family

Finding the right family dentist for you and your kids is a key part of ensuring great oral care for your entire family. You want a dental professional that can meet your adult needs as well as offer excellent toddler, pediatric, adolescent, and teen care. With a great dentist, every trip to the office can be a positive experience. This can translate to well-informed parents and kids who are motivated to take care of their teeth.

When searching for a dental professional to look after your family's teeth, you want a skilled dentist with whom you have great rapport. There is no substitute for an experienced dentist, someone who can recognize potential problems and inform you of the best treatment options. A family dentist that has worked with adults and kids, including very young children, can understand and respond to the diverse needs of you and your children: losing those first teeth, fluoride needs at all ages and even tooth whitening options. Before making your first appointment, see if the dentist has a website so you can see the experience he has in the biography online. Ask friends and family for referrals and read reviews and research of potential dental practices online in your community.

An individual who you feel comfortable talking to is also important. You want to be able to ask questions and vocalize concerns about everything from healthy snacks to flossing skills. Every trip to the dentist office is not only an opportunity to have a professional evaluate and care for your family's teeth, but it also is a chance to gain invaluable insight about oral health and preventative care.

Aside from experience and rapport, look for a dental office that is practical. Is the office close to your home? What about availability can you make a next-day appointment for your five-year-old's cracked tooth? Also inquire about financing. Are there flexible payment options for services that are not covered by dental insurance?

Children want (and need) a dentist and dental hygienist who are gentle, patient and accustomed to working with kids. Video games in the waiting room and toy prizes after the appointment are great, but kindness is what will help a child feel comfortable and encouraged. Help your kids gain a positive attitude toward dental visits by finding a professional who makes them feel good about taking care of their teeth.

"At Fairfield Family Dental Care, we do our very best to make a family trip to the dentist as convenient as possible. Kids of all ages are encouraged to visit, and even observe older children to get used to the office. We know that daily family life can be hectic, and find often it is easiest for the entire family to be seen at the same clinic. To meet the needs of our community, we have extensive availability on evenings and weekends"

-Dr. Campeas